What are some good makeup products for a starter kit?

What are some good makeup products for a starter kit?

Welcome to the enchanting world of makeup, where every brushstroke and color choice is a brush with self-expression. If you're new to the beauty scene, fear not! Building your makeup collection is like creating a palette of possibilities, and we're here to guide you through the art of crafting a beginner's kit that's as unique as you are.
In this beauty journey, we'll explore some must-have products, each carefully curated to help you unleash your inner artist. From the velvety touch of Mella's Elegant Professional Brushes to the transformative magic of the Summer Spice Palette, get ready to embark on a makeup adventure that's all about discovering your signature style.
So, grab your brushes and buckle up; we're about to dive into the captivating world of makeup essentials!

1. Mella Elegant Professional Brushes (10 pcs):

Makeup Brushes

A high-quality brush set is the foundation of any good makeup routine. Mella Elegant Professional Brushes is designed for both beginners and professionals, offering a variety of brushes for different purposes:
Foundation Brush: Use this brush to apply your foundation evenly, achieving a smooth and natural look.
Eyeshadow Brushes: The set includes various eyeshadow brushes for applying, blending, and creating intricate eye looks.
Blending Brush: A must-have for seamlessly blending eyeshadows and achieving that coveted airbrushed finish.
Contour Brush: Perfect for sculpting and defining your facial features with precision.

2. Translucent Setting Loose Powder:

Loose Powder

Setting your makeup is a crucial step to ensure it lasts throughout the day. Mella's Translucent Setting Loose Powder offers several benefits:
Controls Shine: Say goodbye to unwanted shine and oiliness with this translucent powder that helps mattify your skin.
Sets Makeup: Lock in your foundation and concealer, preventing them from settling into fine lines and ensuring a long-lasting finish.
Suitable for All Skin Tones: The translucent formula makes it versatile for various skin tones, avoiding any white cast.

3. Face Contour Palette:

Face Contour Palette

Contouring adds depth and dimension to your face. Mella's Face Contour Palette is a versatile addition to your makeup collection:

Contour Shades: Sculpt and define your features with shades specifically crafted for contouring.

Highlighter: Illuminate the high points of your face for a radiant and lifted look.

Bronzer: Add warmth to your complexion, achieving a sun-kissed glow.

4. Summer Spice Palette:


Experimenting with eyeshadows can be a thrilling part of your makeup journey. The Summer Spice Eyeshadow Palette offers a range of warm tones suitable for various occasions:

Versatile Shades: From neutral mattes to shimmering metallics, this palette provides options for both day and night looks.

Buildable Pigmentation: Whether you prefer a subtle wash of color or a bold statement, these eyeshadows can be layered for your desired intensity.

Blendable Formula: The formula ensures easy blending, allowing you to create seamless transitions between shades.

5. Creamy Lipstick Palette:

Creamy Lipstick Palette
Having a variety of lip colors at your disposal is a game-changer. Mella's Creamy Lipstick Palette offers:
Mix and Match: Experiment with matte lipstick shades by mixing and matching to create your custom color.
Creamy Texture: The creamy formula glides on smoothly, providing hydration and comfort for your lips.
Compact and Travel-Friendly: Carry multiple lip options in one compact palette, perfect for on-the-go touch-ups.

Tips for Beginners:

Building your makeup kit is a journey, not a sprint. Start with the basics and gradually experiment with different products as you become more comfortable. Here are some tips to keep in mind:
Invest in Quality Brushes: Good brushes make a world of difference in application. They ensure a seamless and professional finish.
Blend, Blend, Blend: Whether it's foundation, eyeshadow, or contour, blending is key. Take your time to blend for a natural and polished look.
Build Your Collection Gradually: You don't need a ton of products to create stunning looks. Focus on building a solid foundation with versatile products.
Practice Makes Perfect: Don't be afraid to experiment and practice different techniques. Makeup is an art, and you'll improve with time and practice.

Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy the process. Shop holiday gift sets with Mella cosmetics and have fun experimenting what makes you feel your best!

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