Which one is better, lipstick or lip gloss?

Which one is better, lipstick or lip gloss?

Lipstick and lip gloss are two iconic makeup products that have been a staple in every beauty lover's collection for decades. Both offer a pop of color to your lips, but they do so in very different ways. Are you more of a lipstick enthusiast or a lip gloss aficionado?
In this informative blog, we will compare the pros and cons of these two lip products using Mella Cosmetics' exquisite offerings. Let's dive into the world of lip makeup and discover which one best suits your style and needs.

Lipstick: Timeless Elegance

Glam It Up Liquid Matte Lipstick:


Mella Cosmetics' Glam It Up Liquid Matte Lipstick is a powerhouse when it comes to providing intense, long-lasting color. The matte finish gives you a chic, sophisticated look that's perfect for special occasions or when you want a bold, vibrant pout.

It’s one of the best matte lipstick which is smudge-proof and transfer-resistant, which means you won't leave lipstick marks on cups or clothes.

However, matte lipsticks can be a bit drying, so it's essential to prep your lips with lip balm before application.

Beautiful Classy Lipstick:


The Beautiful Classy Lipstick from Mella Cosmetics offers a classic, satin finish that's comfortable and versatile for everyday wear.

It comes in a variety of shades, allowing you to find the perfect color to match any outfit or mood.The creamy formula keeps your lips moisturized throughout the day, but it may require more frequent touch-ups compared to matte options.

Lip Gloss: Glossy Glamour:

Glossy Glam Lip Gloss:


Mella Cosmetics' Glossy Glam Lip Gloss adds a lustrous, high-shine finish to your lips. It's the perfect and best lipgloss for achieving a wet, glass-like look that's currently trending in the beauty world.
This lip gloss is a fantastic choice for a more casual and youthful appearance.
Lip gloss can be a bit sticky, and it might not last as long as a matte lipstick. So, be prepared for more frequent reapplications.

Shimmer Glossy Lip Gloss:


The Shimmer Glossy Lip Gloss takes the glossiness up a notch with added shimmer particles for a dazzling, radiant effect.
These lipgloss tubes are a great choice for adding a touch of glamor to your makeup look, especially for evening events or special occasions.
Like other glosses, it may require reapplication throughout the day.

Comparing Lipstick and Lip Gloss:


Lipstick tends to be more long-lasting, especially matte formulas, as they adhere to your lips and resist smudging.
Lip glosses offer shine but may need more frequent touch-ups, making them less suitable for long wear.


Lipstick can provide a matte or satin finish, depending on the formula. This is great for a classic, elegant look.
Lip gloss gives you a glossy, shiny look that can make your lips appear plumper and youthful.


Lipstick, especially matte versions, can be drying. Prepping your lips with a good lip balm is essential.
Lip gloss is generally more hydrating, making it a comfortable choice for those with dry or chapped lips.


Lipstick offers a wide range of shades, from nudes to bold colors, making it versatile for various occasions.
Lip gloss, on the other hand, is perfect for a more casual, everyday look or for adding a pop of shine to your lips.

The Verdict:

Choosing between lipstick and lip gloss ultimately depends on your style, occasion, and preferences. If you love a bold, long-lasting look with a matte finish, the Glam It Up Liquid Matte Lipstick is a top choice. For a classic, everyday lip color that's comfortable and moisturizing, the Beautiful Classy Lipstick is an excellent option.

On the other hand, if you prefer a glossy, shiny finish that's perfect for casual and youthful looks, the Glossy Glam Lip Gloss is a must-try. To take your glamor up a notch with some shimmer, the Shimmer Glossy Lip Gloss is your go-to.

Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all answer to the lipstick vs.lip gloss debate. Feel free to experiment with both and have fun exploring different looks that match your mood and style. Mella Cosmetics' high-quality products provide a range of options to express your unique beauty. Enjoy the world of lip makeup and let your lips steal the show!


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